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Jewish Religious Life
Chimen Abramsky Yiddish Glossary with Slavic Words: A Bible from Krakow, 1596-99 .PDF .HTM
Israel Bartal The Secularization of Jewish Spirituality: Hasidism Reinvented .PDF .HTM
Fr. Romuald Jakob Weksler-Waszkinel The Wretched Heritage of Centuries .PDF .HTM
Jewish Popular Culture
Albert Stolski Theatre Is Like Life Itself .PDF .HTM
Jews in Towns and Shtetlakh
Zbigniew Romaniuk The Jewish Community of Bransk .PDF .HTM
Jacek Purchla The Polonization of Jews: Some Examples from Kraków. Corrected version .PDF  
Czeslaw Brzoza The Jews of Nowy Targ in the Inter-War Period .PDF .HTM
Waclaw Wierzbieniec Jewish Life in Przemysl in Autonomous Galicia: An Evaluation .PDF .HTM
Elina Chkolnikova The Transformation of the Jewish Shtetl in the USSR in the 1930s .PDF .HTM
Daniel Katz Appendix to A Chestnut, a Grape and a Pack of Lions. A Shabbos in Plock with a popular synagogue singer in the early nineteenth century .PDF  
Jerzy Gapys & Mieczyslaw B. Markowski Anti-Jewish Incidents in Odrzywół in 1935: An Analysis of Archival Sources .PDF .HTM
Józef Lewandowski Four Days in Atlantis .PDF .HTM
Piotr Wróbel On a Downward Path: The Jews of Białystok, 1918-1939: Demography, Economics, Disintegration, Conflicts with Poles .PDF .HTM
Regina Renz and Krzysztof Urbanski Jewish Society in Kielce During the Inter-war Period (1918–1939) .PDF .HTM
Geoffrey Weisgard Jewish Education in Kraków .PDF .HTM
Geoffrey Weisgard Jewish Literature in Kraków, 1918-1948 .PDF .HTM
Geoffrey Weisgard The Role of Women in the Jewish Community of Kraków:  An Unwritten History? .PDF .HTM
Bezalel Lavi The Town where the Jews Lived Twice: Jews in Reichenbach and Dzierżonów .PDF  
Henryk Grynberg A Polish Shtetl where allegedly there was  no Holocaust .PDF .HTM
        Jews in the Kingdom of Poland
Agnieszka Friedrich The Attitude of the Polish Positivists to the Traditional Jewish System of Education .PDF .HTM
Jews in Galicia
Valerie Schatzker Who Was the Father of Petroleum? A Galician Mystery .PDF .HTM
Jews, Poles and Ukrainians
Dan Shapira What do we know about the Khazars for certain? .PDF .HTM
Lyudmyla Sukharaeva Narratives of Glory and Suffering: A Comparative Analysis of Ukrainian and Jewish Historiography .PDF .HTM
Adam Kaźmierczyk The Khmelnytsky Uprising: The Implications for Jews of their Links with the Polish Nobility .PDF .HTM
David Rekhter Bukovina. A Different Story? .PDF .HTM
John-Paul Himka Metropolitan Andrei Sheptyt'skyi and the Holocaust .PDF .HTM
Lili Pohlman Speech in Honour of Archbishop Metropolitian Andrei Sheptyt'skyi .PDF .HTM
Marco Carynnyk 'A Knife in the Back of Our Revolution': A Reply to Alexander J. Motyl's 'The Ukrainian Nationalist Movement and the Jews: Theoretical Reflections on Nationalism, Fascism, Rationalism, Primordialism, and History'. .PDF  
Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe Response to Andrii Portnov, 'Mit dem Mythos Bandera stimmt etwas nicht', Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung, 8 January 2016 .PDF .HTM
Andrii Portnov 'Stepan Bandera, Dr. Andrii Portnov and the Holocaust': A Response to Rossoliński-Liebe .PDF .HTM
Yaroslav Hrytsak Interview with Katarzyna Wężyk, Gazeta Świąteczna,
25 July 2015
Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe Holocaust, Fascism and Ukrainian History: Does it make sense to Rethink the History of Ukrainian Perpetrators in the European Context .PDF .HTM
Jewish Women in Eastern Europe
Abraham Greenbaum Traditional Jewish Women's Education in Eastern Europe .PDF .HTM
Hanna Kozińska-Witt Bertha Pappenheim and Jewish Women from Eastern Europe .PDF .HTM
Victoria Khiterer Max Mandelstamm, Palestinophile and Zionist Leader .PDF .HTM
Socialism and the Jews
Barbara Wachowska The Łódź Revolt of 1892 .PDF .HTM
Moshe Mishkinsky From the Old Bund to the Polish Bund .PDF .HTM
Abraham Brumberg On Reading the Bundist Press .PDF .HTM
Eli Tzur The Bund and the PPS .PDF .HTM
Antony Polonsky Jews and Communism in the Soviet Union and Poland .PDF .HTM
Archives and Documents
Małgorzata Kośka and Dorota Lewandowska Sources for the History of Jews in Polish Lands during the Nineteenth Century in the Collections of the Central Archives of Historical Records (Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych) .PDF .HTM
Historiography and Museology
Isak Gath A Polish School of Jewish History: From Clerical Judeophobia through late Nineteenth Racial Antisemitism to Revisionist Polish-Jewish Historiography .PDF  
Moshe Rosman Categorically Jewish, Distinctly Polish: The Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the new Polish-Jewish Metahistory .PDF .HTM
The Holocaust and its Aftermath
Monika Rice The 'Gross Effect': Polish-Jewish Historiography in Poland after Neighbours .PDF .HTM
Krystyna Modrzewska A Memoir of the Occupation .PDF .HTM
Tadeusz Różewicz An Excursion to a Museum .PDF .HTM
Tadeusz Borowski 'This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentleman', a new translation by Alicja Nitecki .PDF .HTM
John Cooper Raphael Lemkin and Zionism: A Note .PDF .HTM
Alexander J. Motyl Genocide's Definition Revisited .PDF .HTM
Adam Penkalla Official Opinions on Polish-Jewish Relations in the Kielce Region from the Entry of the Red Army to the Kielce Pogrom .PDF .HTM
Joanna Tokarska-Bakir The Jew with a coin: Analysis of a contemporary folkloric emblem .PDF  
Alexander Naraniecki Polish-Jewish Relations in Austrialia: the social consequences of historical mis-recognition .PDF .HTM
Stanisław Salmonowicz The Tragic Night of Occupation: On Collaboration 'from Below' in the General Government (1939-1945) .PDF .HTM
Henryk Grynberg The Attraction of Auschwitz .PDF .HTM
Olga Medvedeva-Nathoo Certificate of Birth, Certificate of Survival (From the Cycle 'Scraps of Lives: Polish Jews in Central Asia during the Second World War') .PDF .HTM
Andrzej Paczkowski Phantoms of the Past: Jedwabne and Kielce--Struggles with Memory .PDF .HTM
Józef Nyka 'All that remained was silence': German Slave Camps for Jews near the Tatra Mountains .PDF .HTM
Sam Silverman The Destruction of the Jews in Ostrow-Lubelski .PDF  
Leon Wanat The Warsaw Ghetto and Pawiak .PDF .HTM
Jakub Nowakowski The Memory of the Holocaust in Poland and Ukraine: Exhibitions at the Galician Jewish Museum .PDF .HTM
David Liebers Poland's War with Jan Tomasz Gross .PDF .HTM
Ewa Koźmińska-Frejlak Jewish Approaches to Making a Home in Post-war Poland, 1944-1949 .PDF .HTM
Ruth Reches and Jolanta Sondaite Reslience to Trauma by Holocaust Survivors: Factors in Surviving, Coping and Thriving .PDF .HTM
Grzegorz Rossolinski-Liebe

Responsibility, Collaboration and Complexity: Intellectual Resistance to the Transnational History of the Holocaust in Germany

            The Crisis of 1968 and Jewish Life since 1968
Poldek Sobel Home from Home. Poland and the Emigration of March '68 in Plotkies .PDF .HTM
Grzegorz Berendt A Decade of Renewal. Jewish Institutional Life in Poland 1980-1989 .PDF .HTM
Literature and Cultural Life
Shalom Lindenbaum Schulz's Messianic Vision and its Mystical Undercurrents .PDF .HTM
Klaus-Peter Friedrich An Eventful Life: Ruth Sorel was born a century ago .PDF .HTM
D. G.  Myers Jabotinsky's Samson .PDF .HTM
Antony Polonsky Julian Tuwim, the Polish Heine .PDF .HTM
Gwido Zlatkes 'I, Kafka', Jews in the Poetry of Rafal Wojaczek .PDF .HTM
Rachmil Bryks Sabbath and Synagogue .PDF  
Katarzyna Jerzak Phantom Jewishness in Contemporary European Novels .PDF .HTM
Henryk Grynberg Confusion of Languages in Steve Sem Sandberg's The Emperor of Lies .PDF .HTM
Gary Fitelberg A Special Tribute to Polish Violinist and Virtuoso Roman Totenberg (1 January 1911-8 May 2012 .PDF .HTM
Nathan Cohen The Love Story of Esterka and King Kazimierz of Poland -- New Perspectives .PDF .HTM
Katarzyna Zechenter New Forms of Writing about Jews in Polish Fiction since 1986 .PDF .HTM
Henryk Grynberg 'The Aftermath', 'Ida' etc. .PDF .HTM
  Shlomo Dykman's translations fo the poetry of Haim Nahman Bialik .PDF  
Henryk Grynberg The Absence: The Jews in Some of the Best Polish Prose Today .PDF .HTM
Preservation of Monuments
Anna Szajnert-Klein Jewish Cemeteries in Poland Today: The Ruined Garden Twenty Years After .PDF  
Jews in Częstochowa
  Table of Contents .PDF .HTM
His Reverence Stanisław Nowak Introductory Remarks by the Archbishop of Częstochowa .PDF .HTM
Tadeusz Wrona Remembrance Days Opening Address by The Mayor of Częstochowa .PDF .HTM
Piotr Stasiak The Days of Remembrance Project .PDF .HTM
Sigmund A. Rolat A Few Memories .PDF .HTM
Jerzy Mizgalski Foreward .PDF .HTM
Antony Polonsky Introduction .PDF .HTM
Jerzy Mizgalski The Jews of Częstochowa .PDF .HTM
Andrzej Zakrzewski Jewish Spite: Złość żydowska... of Gaudenty Pikulski--an Eighteenth Century Encyclopedia of Antisemitism in Poland .PDF .HTM
Jerzy Mizgalski The Political Identity of Jews in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries as Reflected in the History, Heritage, and Cultural Identity of Częstochowa Jews .PDF .HTM
Tadeusz Dubicki, Grzegorz Łukomski Jewish Soldiers in Polish Armies 1794-1945 .PDF .HTM
Elżbieta Surma-Jończyk Archival Sources on the History of Częstochowa Jews .PDF .HTM
Jacek Mróz Printed Stones, or on the Symbolics of Częstochowa Matsevot .PDF .HTM
Dariusz Złotkowski Jewish Wills from Częstochowa and the Vicinity as Historical Sources for a Study of the Jewish Life in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century .PDF .HTM
Robert Szwed The Views of the 1831 Insurrectionary Seym on Collecting the “Conscription Tax” from Jews .PDF .HTM
Janusz Fałowski Częstochoviana in Daniel Neufeld’s Jutrzenka .PDF .HTM
Juliusz Sętowski The Markusfelds: a Family Portrait of Częstochowa Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, and Social Leaders .PDF .HTM
Ryszard Szwed Jews in the Local Government of Częstochowa 1919–1939 .PDF .HTM
Zbigniew Grządzielski Jewish Education in Częstochowa Between the Wars (A Survey of the Local Sources) .PDF .HTM
Marta Meducka The Jews of Częstochowa in the Cultural Life of Their Town .PDF


Wieslaw Paszkowski The State of the Research on the Holocaust in Częstochowa .PDF .HTM
Feliks Tych History of Częstochowa Jews during the Holocaust and After as Documented in the Archives of the Jewish Historical Institute .PDF .HTM
Felicja Karay Economic Expansion of the HASAG Concern in the Radom District (1939-1945) and Its Impact on Częstochowa Labour Camps for Jews .PDF .HTM
Father Jan Związek Statements of Częstochowa Bishop Dr. Teodor Kubina on the 1946 Kielce Pogrom .PDF .HTM
Rabbi Mark Kiel Ambivalence and Hope: Some Reflections of a Son of Czenstochover Jews .PDF .HTM